Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ok we are open!

WOW.....I am totally excited about the new store being open! Was it crazy hard to move ...AAH YA!!! I totally believe it was worth it though! Plus I couldn't have done it with out all of my great employees and friends! You guys rock! Thank you so much! There is no way on this planet that the store would have been open last Friday with out all the long, long, long, hours you guys put into making it so organized, and awesome!!! Again thank you, thank you, & THANK YOU!
I am happy to say that we are expecting a new sign this week. So soon we can say "look for the sign on the corner" when giving directions over the phone to where we are located! Just in case you didn't know we are located about a mile north of the hospital on Willow Creek Rd. turn left at Rosser and we are next to Computime!

I have a new calendar ready for every one and we have some pretty cute stuff next week we are teaching so get on our email list so we can send you a calendar, or stop by the store to get one and see the new classes!
Plus we are putting together Valentines Gift Boxes this week! So stop by the store to see them they will make great gifts for just about every one in your life! I will post photo's as soon as I get them so be watchin for those!

We are still waiting on new punch cards, but we are continuing to use the old punch cards until the new ones arrive! We are going to except all Scrapbook Den gift certificates and punch cards until May 09!

We are still working on the website so bare with us as it is still under construction! We will do most if not all communication through the email system and this blog so keep checking back for updates!
Last but not least I have to say we have the best customers EVER! We have received nothing but wonderful and gracious comments from you all! Thank you! You guys are inspiring! We will try our hardest to keep you all up to date with what's happening every week!
Until next time!

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